Technology Assessment

The Community CIO Technology Assessment

In order to assess the technology environment at your organization, Community CIO conducts a Technology Assessment.  The assessment is intended to:

  • Identify the most commonly used technology and procedures within the organization.
  • Identify systems that do not work well.
  • Identify systems that do work well.
  • Identify any system or procedure in place that management may not be aware of.

The assessment is not intended to identify and catalog every technology in use at the organization, rather it builds an entry-level understanding of the organization and provides a foundation for recommendations for improvements.

The assessment consists of a series of interviews with key management and staff inside your organization.  The interviews will focus on the types of technology and systems being used, why systems are in place, and the individual’s experience using the system.  Once the interviews are complete, Community CIO will present a written report of the findings, along with a series of recommendations for improvements.

The specific individuals Community CIO will interview depends on your organization and how it is structured.  Interviews are conducted with some subset of the following:

  • Executive Director
  • Development Director
  • Program Director
  • HR Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • IT Director
  • Building and Grounds Manager
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Purchasing Director
  • Kitchen Manager
  • Site Coordinators at remote program sites
  • Board chair

Interviews last about one hour and will be scheduled at the interviewee’s convenience.  

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