A Thoughtful, Process Based Approach to Website Design

Community CIO developed a thoughtful, process based approach to designing and implementing your organization’s website.

We offer a simple turnkey solution for $500

The package is available to nonprofit organizations, community groups, professional associations, homeowners associations, and small businesses who need a simple, attractive website with 8-10 pages. Contact us now and we will evaluate your project.

You need a website

You want to reach your clients, donors, employees, potential customers, and other partners of your organization. But how do you go about creating one? A poorly designed site tells your visitors that you don’t care about them.  A bad website is worse than not having one at all.

A well crafted site takes your visitor’s needs into consideration from the very beginning of the design. The site is easy to use, does what it needs to do well and skips flashy, trendy antics that annoy users. A well designed site gets your message across quickly and easily and makes your users want to come back.

The process

Define the purpose

The first question is “Why do you need this site and what does it need to provide to your users?”

We meet with you so you can tell us about your organization, your clients, and what you want to provide for them.

We explore what content you already have and where you need to improve or create new content. Community CIO, or one of our partners, can help you with content creation.

We help you determine if you have the resources to maintain the site going forward and if not, how you can get them. Community CIO will deliver a site that can be maintained by your organization; however, if you prefer for us to handle the maintenance, we offer an on-going support subscription.

Choose a visual layout and a platform

Based on the initial consultation, we create a visual model of what your site will look like. The model is flexible and can be changed quickly based upon your feedback.

Community CIO adheres to standard elements of design that makes your website visually appealing, accessible, responsive, informative, and fast.

There are several technologies available to support sites for small organizations. Once we agree on the layout, we recommend a platform based on the design, your plan for maintaining the site going forward, and your budget.

Finally, we provide a timeline for getting the work done and launching the site.


Once you sign off on the plan, we get to work.  Small sites can be completed as fast as one week.

We recognize that your understanding of the design and the site will mature as the work progresses. Our process does not fear change – rather we embrace it. We check in with you regularly during implementation and make sure the site is developing the way you expected it to. If not, we regroup and address any issues.


The last step is to launch the site. Once we go live we hand over all the documentation and passwords you need to maintain the site and make sure you have the training and support required. If you prefer, Community CIO can maintain the site for you under an affordable subscription plan.

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